New value proposition

Because Doctors’ Health Fund is the only one created by doctors just for doctors and their families, it’s important that we reinforce shared values. Doctors’ Health Fund are there for their members in sickness and in health, supporting them as patients and as medical professionals. We created a new positioning for them that reflects that.



Celebrating 40 years

Doctors’ Health Fund has been serving the medical community since 1977. They celebrated 40 years by offering new members their choice of a welcome gift. The acquisition campaign in print, online, via member get member offers and through direct mail saw a record number of new members join that’s dedicated to the medical profession.



Long term member relationships

When it comes to choosing health cover it comes down to more than just the cost of premiums. Doctors’ Health Fund supports their members by offering cover that pays up to the Medicare list of services and fees, meaning no gap cover. Regular communication and an outstanding local Member Services team maximise member satisfaction and minimise churn.


Supporting the profession

We’ve worked with Doctors’ Health Fund for almost 10 years. In that time we’ve built a series of acquisition and member campaigns that emphasise the fund’s support for the medical profession as a whole. They’re more than just a health fund for doctors.


Genuine Advocacy

The best advertisement for Doctors’ Health Fund are the members themselves. So we use testimonials in video, in print and online, direct from the members, which demonstrate why Doctors’ Health Fund is dedicated to their members and to the profession.