Women for Change

Women For Change is part of the LBW Trust, with a specific remit to promote education for young women. Having created considerable awareness of Dr Kakenya Ntaiya’s school for Maasai girls, they needed to create a brand and a website to enable them to continue to promote her work and their support. The brand was to be complementary to the LBW Trust identity, and the website engaging and easy to manage. We particularly like the fixed Donate / Mentor / Network menu bar we created to anchor the website and invite action wherever the user goes.

Women For Change is headed up by some amazing women, who have pulled together a team of amazing mentors who will provide support to the first class of Maasai girls to graduate school this year and go on to university in Nairobi and in Sydney. We have a strong social conscience here at Red Ark, and Dr Kakenya’s crusade against female genital mutilation is one we wholeheartedly support with our hearts, minds and hands.



March 1, 2018


For Good