NESCAFÉ’s 75th birthday was an opportunity for them to really connect with their base of consumers who drink NESCAFÉ at work. We created four different campaigns that ran across the year, from a collectible retro tin that we designed, to equally fun mugs, an ice coffee shaker to maintain consumption in the cooler months and chance to win competitions. We also created content like unique come for a coffee e-cards to get colleagues talking with each other, as well as recipe suggestions.

An important part of our work was generating consumer insights for the brand team across NESCAFÉ, MILO, MAGGI, ALPEN BLEND, ALEGRIA and more. Nestlé were the very first multinational to use our MygoodEbox shopper marketing platform for customer data and instant 24/7 reporting.

“The whole NESCAFÉ 75th celebration plan will be used as a best practice for the entire NESCAFÉ community around the WORLD! We are the best!”


June 24, 2017


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